Happy Today Divorced Tomorrow

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Of course when everyone starts out in their marriage, no one thinks about divorce.  However as time progresses your relationship has the potential for divorce.

Dana and Don want to keep you on the path of a healthy relationship.  As divorce mediators, we have seen for years why people get divorced and we have put those things into our book to make you aware of what could take you off course of “Happily Ever After” and on the road to divorcing.

Dana is a Licensed Family and Couples Therapist and sees on a daily basis reasons why people fall out of love and go down a path of mass destruction.

You might say there is a conflict of interest in being divorce mediators and also trying to keep people together.  However, we want to do whatever we can to save people from this self destructive path.  Both of us have experienced divorce and do not want to see others go through this agony and pain, especially seeing the children torn apart during these tough times.  We would rather save a marriage than see couples divorce.  The reasons we became divorce mediators is to help alleviate the pain people suffer when going through the courts, because the conflict increases when people are in court and the children are sometimes asked which parent they want to live with.  Imagine the fear and anxiety a child must endure when asked to pick a parent.  So after years of mediating divorces, we decided to make it our goal to use this knowledge to help people stay on track in their marriages.  Our goal is to reduce the divorce rate from 50% to 40% in 10 years!

So join our cause and our effort to create better healthier marriages and reduce the number of bitter divorces and unhappy marriages.

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